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Christmas 2019

Merry Christmas

How was your Christmas celebration yesterday?

Christmas 2019

My experience is that there are two basic responses to this question

First, many people are worn out.  Even though it was a holiday, they took on too much.  On top of shopping, company parties, and kid’s programs, many people add the stress of large family dinners, the need to meet the neighborhood house decorating challenge, and the never-ending search for the perfect gift.

They create no-win scenarios where the goal is to please someone with whom you have no control over.

This is often the group who are ready to go back to work—not to work but to escape from the turmoil going on in their personal lives.

Or secondly, many people are rejuvenated.  These people have discovered that the holiday is not for what but for whom.

They have cast off trying to create the perfect holiday tradition, find the best gift, or throw the ideal party.  They understand that Christmas is for people.

It is to be enjoyed for yourself; it’s the time to let those around you know you love them and to let others also enjoy the season.

But most importantly, it is to know that a little baby was born on this day who came to save the world.

And He came for you.

This is the group who will return to work after the holiday break ready to work because they are rested, relaxed and rejuvenated.

What Can You Do?

As the owner or manager of your business, which group of employees do you want returning to work?

You do have some control over this.

Take time as you staff returns to work to gauge the impact of the holiday on each of them.  If you care about them (which you should), help the stressed-out ones understand that the battle of winning the what of the holidays doesn’t work and that they should try to focus on the who in the future.

The Bible

Christ’s birth is recorded in both Matthew (Matthew 1:18-2:23) and Luke (Luke 2:1-40).

Many don’t realize that His birth is specifically foretold at least eight times in the Old Testament, some instances as much as 1200 years before His birth.  While we struggle to plan what we are going to do New Year’s Eve (in four days), God planned the birth of Christ centuries in advance.  That is how important this event was, and is.

This Christmas season, as you are preparing to go back to your job—hopefully well-rested—think about how Jesus was a real baby, with real parents, who walked the earth during a real time in history.

He is not a myth, He is our savior.

And, he is waiting to save you.

God Bless You