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Breaking Mental Barriers

You can’t do that!

This statement is used all the time. People have said it to me, and I’ve said it to other people. But I’d guess we say it to ourselves more often than we think.

Big Barriers

When I hear the phrase “breaking mental barriers” I immediately think of a person overcoming monumental odds to achieve a level of success not before imagined.

Winning a gold medal at the Olympics as an unknown, unranked athlete comes to mind. Every athlete is at the peak of their physical condition, so the difference maker is the ability to overcome mental barriers is what will decide the winners.

Coming from a life of poverty to achieve financial success also comes to mind. Many people start with little or nothing and face many of the same barriers. But overcoming the mental barriers is what makes the difference to break out of a life of poverty and achieve success.

While those are great stories and worthy of our attention, many of us do not realize that we too face barriers that demand we overcome them.

Little Barriers

Breaking mental barriers is not just stories of monumental success. As small business persons and entrepreneurs, we have plenty of mental barriers to confront. We need to recognize the barriers we have overcome while preparing for the barriers we will face in the future.

All people who succeed understand the importance of being prepared each day to overcome their little mental barriers. They know they must overcome them so they can continue to move forward toward the successful ending of their plans. That is how you become successful.

For example, if you are an entrepreneur searching for funding, overcoming a fear of public speaking is critical to your success. Living a healthy lifestyle is a barrier many must overcome so they can sustain the active, intense work environment necessary to remain competitive. And remaining positive in the face of the early rejections encountered in many business start-ups is a barrier for most business people.

How to Overcome Our Little Mental Barriers

For success, business people must approach the barriers they face, regardless of their size, with intensity. The inability to overcome small barriers stop success just as frequently as large barriers.

Here are several ideas to use when facing barriers in your business life.

  1. Manage your emotions – maintain an emotional balance. Be your own best manager and when things happen, immediately deal with the consequences.
  2. Have a purpose – set goals and always be striving to attain them.
    Look for solutions outside of the norm – success seldom comes from being just like everyone else.
  3. Learn to recognize negative thoughts – be aware of “stinkin’ thinking.” Work to program your mind to avoid negative, toxic, and unhealthy thoughts.
  4. Develop a support group – there is no reason to attack your mental barriers alone.

Self-confidence alone is not the solution to overcoming mental barriers. Having God alongside you when attacking your barriers is often the difference between success and failure. Isaiah 41:10 says.

fear not, for I am with you;
be not dismayed, for I am your God;
I will strengthen you, I will help you,
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

God can be with you as you face your doubts, fears, and questions on your journey toward success. Don’t let your little mental barriers stop you from success.